About Us


Nepal Magar Writers’ Association is a non-profit making organization from the Magar Community. It is a non-governmental organization and has been established by youth of Magar community who loves and works in the field of indigenous Magar mother tongue and ethnic culture. Members of the Magar Writers’ Association have commitment to preserve, promote and develop mother tongue literature and literatures concern with Magar community.

Nepal Magar Writers’ Association was established in 2066 BS and registered in Jilla Prasasan Karyalaya (CDO Office),Kathmandu,Nepaland ministry of social welfare,Nepal. It has taken the objectives as:

(I)                          To preserve, promote and develop mother tongue literatures and literatures concerning Magar community.

(II)                       To organize and create platform to interact between each other for Magar Writers’ who are scattered all over the country and abroad.

(III)                    To raise voices of Magar Mother tongue and Magar writers’ right.

(IV)                    To encourage people to write literatures in Magar Language and about Magar community.

(V)                       To do research works in Magar Language, culture, society and other concern subjects of Magar community.

(VI)                    To do academic works related to magar language, culture, society and other concern subjects about Magar community.

Magar Writers’ Association is hosting website www.magarbooks.org  to introduce Magar books, research works and other literatures concerning Magar community available within Magar community. This is a non-profit making organization and there is not reliable funding agency or government. It is conducting on member’s effort of this organization and loving by the community, our-wishers. If you like our works, please be our friend as soon as possible to walk together.

If you have any publication or books please send us to up-load in our website for public, your small work may play vital role in Magar language, Magar community, nation and human society.

Founder Members

 (1) Bishnu Kumar Sinjali

Nibuwakharka-3, Kholakharka, Syangja District.

2. Karna Bahadur Budhamagar

Takasera VDC-5, Rukum District

3. Narayan Tarung

Kahunshivapur VDC-5, Tanahun District

4. Kamal Bahadur Budhamagar

Mirul VDC-2, Rolpa District

5. Ujir Bahadur Ranamagar

Kakurthakur VDC -6, Sundhuli District

6. Karna Bahadur Budhamagar

Sahatara VDC-9, Dolpa District

7. Janak Bahadur Makim Magar

Pithauli VDC-6, Nawalparasi

8. Ganesh Bahadur Ghartimagar

Tikapur Municipality-9, Kailali

9. Mek Bahadur Ranamagar

Birgha VDC-4, Syangja District

10. Irdhasi Jhankri

Thawang VDC-1, Rolpa District

11. Man Kumari Thada

Chungwang VDC-11, Dhankuta District