The Annual Magar Conference –2020

(Studies on the Magars)

6-7 March 2020 (फागुन २३२४ गते, २०७६)

Kathmandu, Nepal


Call for Papers

The Magar Academic Conference

Indigenous Magar is an ethnic group of Nepal among the 125 ethnic/caste groups.  The Magars occupy the third largest population (i.e. 7.13%) in Nepal, but they fall in minority groups since they are backward in mainstream. The Magars spread dwelling in India, Sikkim, Bhutan, Bangladesh and more areas as native people. Also, they scatter all over the world through Gurkha regiments, foreign employments and for the purpose of studies. The Magars have three mother tongues with their own cultural practices. There are no more historical records that connect to the most ancient backgrounds of the Magars. There is need of depth and systematic studies in regards of the Magars on various aspects. The Magar Academic Conference is organized as a knowledge festival on the Magars. It incorporates various academic papers on the political, historical, economic, socio-cultural, and various issues of the Magars.

The first Magar Academic Conference was held on July 14-15, 2012 (2069 Asar 30-31) at Nagarkot, Kathmandu in the organization of Magar Academic Group whereas the second conference was held on 3-4 May, 2019 in Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi Kathmandu organized by Magar Buddha Sewa Samaj and Magar Writer’s Association. The forth coming academic conference is going to be organized by the collective efforts of the several organizations related to the Magar community. The Magar conference aims to introduce the latest research results of the academicians, researchers, professionals, experts, and practitioners and their practical applications in diverse fields of the Magars. It also attempts to contribute to the nation despite the Magar community.

The theme of conference

The conference (seminar) will focus on the issues of the Magars. The sub-themes of the conference will be as follows:

– Buddhist Philosophy in relation to the Magars

– The issues on folklore, cultural and historical heritages of the Magars

The lifestyle, occupation, employment issues of the Magars 

– Ethno-medicine, ethno-science, ethno-engineering or science and technology issues of the Magars

– Indigenous knowledge, skills and practices of the Magars

– Historical aspects of the Magars

– Magar language, language policy and linguistic studies

– Religion, cultural and ritual practices of the Magars

– Traditional, customary and modern institutions of Magars

– Economic and political issues of the Magars

– Health, education, tourism and development issues

– Legislation, policy and planning related to Magars

The status of the Magars in past, present and future

– Migration and immigration of the Magars and its impacts

– Inclusion and exclusion issues of the Magars

– Business, entrepreneurship aspects of the Magars

– Issue of Magar identity and movements

– Reviews on Magar related books and publications

– Biographical research for Magar contributors

– Any topics/subjects connected with the Magars


 Important Dates

Submission of abstract: till February 05, 2020 AD Notification of acceptance: 10 February 2020
Submission of full paper: February 25, 2020

(full paper is must for oral presentation)

Conference Date: 6-7 March 2020 AD


Format of the abstract: The abstracts will be published along with program schedule and other related contents of the conference. The format of the abstract should be as follows:

  • Size: 200-300 words (excluding title and author information)
  • The title of the paper should be followed by name (also middle name if any) and surname of the author(s), affiliation of the author(s), email of the author(s), and mobile phone number of the author(s) in the abstract. Along with title of the paper, a short description of research method and major arguments/findings should be clearly stated in the abstract
  • Language: Magar, Nepali and English

Full paper:  The full paper should not exceed the words limit of 5,000 words. For formatting, citations, referencing, bibliography, etc., please follow the APA style guide; and if different style specify according to discipline/faculty (and guideline could be obtained from the organizers). The pair reviewed and edited papers will be published in organizer’s Journal.

Submission of the Paper: Submit the paper via email to:,,,

Registration fees: The registration fee for conference will be free of cost.

Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal

Organizer, Patron and Co-ordinators

Patron: Nepal Magar Association, Central Committee, Kathmandu Organizer: Nepal Magar Buddha Sewa Samaj, Central Committee,      Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact Numbers: 9851098064 (President), 9841856581 (Secretary)

Academic Co-ordinator: Nepal Magar Writer’s Association, Central Committee Kathmandu.

Contact: 9852050694 (Manu Thada), 9851133894 (Jag Bdr BudhaMagar)

Co-organizers: मगर समाज सेवा केन्द्र ललितपुर, म्याग्दी मगर समाज ललितपुर, तनहुँ मगर समाज काठमाडौ, मिलीजुली मगर समाज काठमाडौ, मगर उत्थान समाज काठमाडौ, प्रथम शहिद लखन थापामगर स्मृती प्रतिष्ठान, गोरे बहादुर खपाङ्गी फाउण्डेशन, मास्टर मित्रसेन प्रतिष्ठान, नेपाल मगर कर्मचारी संघ, नेपाल मगर भु.पु. शैनिक तथा प्रहरी संघ, जित बहादुर सिंजालीमगर प्रतिष्ठान, नेपाल मगर चलचित्रकर्मी संघ ।
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For more details:

Bhim Bahadur Magar (Program Co-ordinator), Mitra Rana (, Dil Prasad Magar (, Academic Co-ordinators: Bishnu Kumar Sinjali (, Man Kumari Thada (, Jag Bahadur Budha Magar (, Dr. Narayan Bdr Magar ( )

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